There are many industries where performing background screening and drug testing of employees is a necessity. Individuals are handling delicate work, interacting with patients or customers, and required to show professionalism at all times. Managing these screenings on a company-wide scale is a challenge, which is why screening software can be so helpful.

Seamless Background Checks

One of the reasons that many companies are switching to employee screening software is because it takes away a lot of the busy work that was involved in the process. For instance, most software does not require more than inputting a person’s name and ticking the boxes for the relevant checks you wish to perform.

Software can handle criminal record checks, social security number confirmation, sex offender database checks, government watch lists and driver histories of the individuals who are seeking employment at your business.

Receive Accurate Results

Another reason why software is the preferred way to go is because of accuracy. When you are using reputable software to liaise with the relevant databases, you never have to worry about mistakes.

People can make errors, such as inputting a wrong digital in the social security field or misspelling a last name. The software scans through the database and may even correct any small errors your HR employees make when putting in a request.

Better Screen International Candidates

employee screening software

Depending on your industry, you may be hiring people from out of the country. These employees may work full time or serve as freelancers. In either instance, you can go through the relevant screening for their records.

The database in most employee screening programs can check international databases for the relevant data.

Running accurate and seamless background checks is vital if you wish to run a professional and reputable business. Using software designed to make the process easier is the best way to minimize the workload of your HR department.