Our teeth are very important to us in our overall lives.  When we are born we don’t have any teeth and are given milk and soft foods to eat.  As we reach our first year of life we start to have teeth form in our mouth. From here we are able to eat more solid foods and have a nice smile.

As we age and we travel through life we will begin to need to take care of our teeth.  We will need to brush them, floss them and watch the types of foods that we eat.  We will also need to watch what we do in life as well.  Those that play sports or engage in other contact activities are at a higher risk of losing their teeth.

When we have damaged teeth, it will be possible that we need to get them repaired.  The first step in this process is to have tooth extraction virginia beach done.  This process is where they will take teeth out of your mouth because they are damaged, or they are creating other issues.

Watch what you eat

The first thing that you can do is watch what you eat.  For most people damage occurs to your teeth when you bite down on something hard or catch something at just the wrong angle.  This can happen when eating nuts, candy, ice or anything that is hard.  Our teeth are very strong and resilient but they are not indestructible.

Be careful in sports

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Sports such as football, hockey and others are considered the main sports that you will lose a tooth in.  In the heat of the moment people will be running back and forth, jumping up and down and not paying attention to what it is they are doing.  When this happens you may be hit or struck in the face in such a way that you could knock out your tooth.